You are well adept at planning your lessons for your face-to-face class, but how does that translate to a blended environment? Schools and teachers who partner with the MyBlend program have access to instructional designers who will consult with you personally. After learning more about you and your instructional goals, we will provide feedback and guidance on blended learning strategies and resources. 

What we can help you with

The purpose of the Teachers Workbench is to give you an opportunity to work with a MyBlend instructional designer as you work to transform your classroom using blended learning. The consultation you will receive from the designers may include (but is not limited to):

  • Deciding how to differentiate a blended lesson
  • Developing online content
  • Creating online assessments and/or integrating media assets
  • Deciding how to integrate online components and face to face experiences

What you bring to the table

From your work in the MyBlend course, Teaching in the Online and Blended Classroom, you should have several items that you can use immediately in your classroom. Some of these items are: 

  • A student readiness survey and action plan for remediation
  • A communication plan for parents and students in a blended class
  • Tools and strategies for creating good digital citizens
  • Strategies for creating an online community and motivating students online.

This course should have provided you with a general understanding of blended learning and how it can be implemented, practically, in your classroom. You also should now understand the various models of blended learning and the benefits of each model.

The Teacher's Workbench process

  • Fill out the consultation request form (see the link below)
  • A MyBlend team member will contact you to schedule your consultation
  • You will meet virtually with an instructional designer. The purpose of this meeting will vary based on your needs, but should take approximately one hour.
  • After the initial meeting, follow up consultations may be scheduled as needed by your instructional designer.
  • After your work with the Teacher’s Workbench is complete, you may choose to work with the team on a new project. If this is the case, you may contact the MyBlend coordinator directly or you can fill out a new consultation request form.

Teacher’s Workbench Consultation Request Form

The purpose and intent of this form is to gather information from you that will help us begin our work together. We want an initial sense of who you are and how we can best serve you. Please do your best as you complete the questions asked, but the form should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. After you submit the request, you will be contacted to schedule your time to work with a MyBlend instructional designer.Before you start the form, know that you will be asked details about your classroom and your goals. Some of these details include the following: 
  • What are the goals you would like to meet using online and blended learning?
  • How do you hope online or blended learning will fill gaps in your students' needs?
  • Describe your course and its overall learning objectives.
  • Describe what specific support you are seeking in consulting with an instructional designer. You will be able to upload lesson plans or any course artifact that supports learning in your classroom.

Note: You are not able to save and return to the form. Make sure you are able to complete it once you start!

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