Excellent blended learning results from a combination of excellent teaching and high quality digital content. While providing access to a learning management system and professional digital content is one area of support provided to MyBlend teachers and schools, another component is giving teachers the ability to develop and curate their own content.

Learning Object Repository

You’ve probably been there before. You need a lesson to teach a specific concept, so you conduct a web search or go directly to your most trusted sites for quality content. Sometimes you're able to find a whole lesson that you can tweak for your classroom and other times you piece together a design that pulls from various resources. Such is the life of a teacher.

The MyBlend Learning Object Repository (LOR) is a unique place to find and share content with the greater blended learning community. It is important for teachers to come into this space with a learning mindset that they will contribute to the quality of the lesson objects and the community as a whole. Practitioners may or may not share the same content expertise as their peers, but they still have the ability to recognize the pathways that can be taken to meet learning goals. Teachers are encouraged to ask questions and offer suggestions for improvement. The long-term vision is that in the LOR, the conversation around using an object is as valued as the contribution of the object itself.

Visit the MyBlend LOR at lor.myblend.org

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