Consultation includes support for leaders as they integrate blended learning into their school improvement goals. At the teacher level, MyBlend instructional designers coach teachers as they work to develop blended learning lessons for their students. Leaders working to support blended learning can collaborate with MyBlend, working to develop professionally and support the development of staff.

Teacher’s Workbench

“When I was young, my dad had a large workbench in the basement. He taught me a lot about woodworking. The workbench was a place to take items apart, learn about why things worked the way they did and make improvements on what we were doing.”

MyBlend’s Teacher’s Workbench is inspired from this type of authentic collaboration. Teachers workbench is an opportunity for individual teachers or small groups of teachers to receive individualized support from a Blended Learning Coach and Instructional Designer. Together, they will crack open face-to-face lessons and find out how to integrate blended learning strategies. Guidance from the MyBlend team is customized for your instructional goals and the needs of your specific students.

For more information, visit or contact Jamie DeWitt if you are interested in scheduling Teacher’s Workbench sessions for your school or district.

Administrative consultation

Support for a district or schoolwide movement starts with a needs assessment for your district’s readiness for and interest in blended learning. The MyBlend team will walk alongside you in your blended learning implementation journey, providing resources and support as you work to implement change at many levels including, but not limited to, content, teaching, technology and operations.

Leadership support also includes professional development in blended learning leadership, which will help you become well versed in schoolwide blended strategies and methods for supporting your teachers. Working with MyBlend will connect you with other Michigan educational leaders working toward similar goals. Rich collaboration and leadership coaching will help you grow the necessary environment for change in your district.

Whether you are starting from scratch or if your teachers have already begun to use blended learning, MyBlend can support you and help you move forward.

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