Kelli Hixon

Kelli Hixon

Kelli Hixon (@kelhixon) is a blended learning coach for Michigan Virtual University. As a blended learning coach, she works with K-12 educators to personalize learning for students through blended learning initiatives. Prior to joining the MyBlend team, Kelli’s background includes face-to-face teaching and coaching at the elementary level. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Oakland University and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Gannon University.

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The All Too Often Neglected Teacher Superpower

How Do We Take the Ordinary and Make It Extraordinary?

Written by Kelli Hixon on Thursday, 19 November 2015.

The All Too Often Neglected Teacher Superpower

Throughout my childhood, I had teachers I connected with in a way I will never forget, while others have faded in my memories. As an adult, I’ve seen the same phenomenon: some teachers have an incredible talent for inspiring even the most unreachable student. What is the extra “something” those teachers possess? I think I’ve finally figured it out.

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