MyBlend Stories | Rachelle Wynkoop

MyBlend Stories | Rachelle Wynkoop

What distinguishes blended learning from technology rich instruction?

Written by Jeff Gerlach on Wednesday, 26 August 2015.

Rachelle Wynkoop is the Supervisor of Secondary Curriculum and Professional Development at the Port Huron Area School District. She is an active member of the #michED community and a regular presenter at education conferences throughout the state. Rachelle’s also a remarkable champion for the benefits of blended learning as a companion to great teaching.

Rachelle and I talked about how the spaces we work and learn in can shape the kinds of interactions we have with others. She shared her thoughts on what distinguishes blended learning from technology rich instruction and the many benefits that come from teacher presence in the online environment of a blended classroom.

About the Author

Jeff Gerlach

Jeff Gerlach

Jeff Gerlach (@JGer1) is an instructional design coach for Michigan Virtual University. He works with teachers to design blended learning experiences for students through presentations, school partnerships, online courses and 1:1 coaching. He holds a master's degree in educational technology from Michigan State and has experience as a face-to-face teacher in the metro Detroit area where he blended his classroom for six school years.

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