MyBlend Stories | Mary Wever

MyBlend Stories | Mary Wever

The "Classroom Cribs" finalist shares her story.

on Tuesday, 27 January 2015.

Mary Wever has been teaching elementary school students since 2007. Currently she teaches a great group of third graders at Whitehills Elementary School, East Lansing Public Schools.

We recorded this podcast during Mary’s plan period and then had the opportunity to teach Mary’s students about the recording equipment that we had set up. We talked with a lot of students. You can hear more of these clips on the other side of our conversation with Mary.

We know Mrs. Wever quite well after visiting her classroom last year in addition to connecting with her through social media and at conferences. Mary taught at East Lansing’s Red Cedar Elementary until it closed last year. She relocated to Whitehills for this school year.

Mary has utilized the opportunity of moving to a new building to explore the design of the physical learning spaces of her classroom. She was a finalist in the classroom cribs challenge in the fall of 2014, recognizing the way she designed the interiors of her room to compliment the students’ learning needs.

We also discussed how curriculum mastery informs her blended learning choices, the state of teacher education and professional development and the tweaks that could be made to improve these systems, and she offered a fascinating self-analysis of her leadership style.

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